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The Crew and Advisors of 'Venture Crew 7'
welcome you to our website!

When & where we meet:
Venture Crew 7 meets @ 7:00PM at
the Genesee Valley Fire Dept.
station, 9 Riverview Dr., Henrietta,
. We meet on the
1st & 3rd
of the month, when
school is in session.

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We WELCOME new crew members!
Please attend any one of our meetings & find
out what Venturing & Crew 7 is all about.
Henrietta, New York
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Come venture with us!
Please look around; see if Venturing with Crew 7 might be just the thing that you are looking for.
What is Venturing?
Venturing is a co-ed program created by the Boy Scouts of America for young men
and women who have similar interests in a multitude of areas including, but not
limited to, high adventure, camping & sports. For more information about Venturing,
click here. To view an FAQ about Venturing Program changes, click here.

Who we are:
Venture Crew 7 is an adventure and service organization for young women and
men in the communities surrounding Henrietta, New York. They must be at least 14
years of age, have completed the 8th grade and be not more than 20 years of age.
For more information about us, click here.
Venture Crew 7
assists with the
Challenge Trophy
Camporee at Camp
The Crew and Advisors,
assisted with the operation
of the 2017 "Challenge
Trophy Camporee" at Camp
Babcock-Hovey, Ovid NY,
on October 20 to 22. Mr.
Wagner was the PINK
Sub-camp Coordinator and
Kaitlyn was the Events
Coordinator. More
information is found on the
"Members" page.